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I don't think that the oil at the flywheel bolts is normal-- there should be a o-ring atthe crankshaft-flywheel junction, that was probably bad. At least it wasn't leaking from around the flywheel bolts onto the clutch.

You have a little ding in the rear thrust washer (there is a corresponding washer on the other side of the rear main bearing, this is the one that gets dislodged when you don't block the crank). The copper material is soft and the ding will probably wipe clean the first time the engine is started, but you'll probably want to obsess-- the thrust washer can be removed with a dental pick (pop it off the two dowell pins) and clean up the ding with a jeweller's file or carefully tap it back down flush. Be careful.

The clutch disc looks like it's been used spiritedly. It may last a few thousand more, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to repalce it. What is it's thickness? How close to the wear limit? What do the two pressure pieces look like? If it's marginal, you can send it all off to SOuthland Clutch for a reline & resurface (I have no direct experience, but I've not sensed negative vibes on them).
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