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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
Along similar lines

Yes, I've seen a few of those on youtube. Usually they time it so the F1 car pips them at the line. Your video nicely shows the difference in braking zones for the three cars. The saloon was braking forever, the F1 car scarcely any time at all.

I know we've all seen this one before. But it came up in a Reddit discussion yesterday. It shows that for an F1 car to operate at all, it has to be above certain minimum thresholds of speed, especially in corners. If you're going too slow, the aero doesn't grab and neither do the brakes or tires.

The guy doing the driving has a bit of experience. The fact that he's embarrassed -- frightened, actually -- by the car says a lot. There go my fantasies! (Sorry about the :30-second ad.)


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