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So yesterday I returned to Glen Coe. The warm weather this week meant that I was out on the bike as much as possible and the chance to go see the stunning glen without freezing my ass off (see page one of this thread) was not something I was going to pass up.

So off I went. I'm clearly getting faster on the bike as the journey up felt nowhere near as long as when I tried it the first time.

As with any sunny day, there were plenty of bikes on the road. As it was a Monday however, they were mostly retirees or foreigners here for a holiday. So the roads weren't quite as packed with bikers as they were on Sunday.

Once again, Loch Lubnaig was busy with campers. Tents lined the shores and campervans filled the carparks. I saw the aftermath of two crashes at the entrance to carparks on the way up. Both cars seemed to be pulling in when someone ran into the back of them. I've nearly done something similar myself in the car when I didn't see the indicators because of the sun and the guy pulled across the road in front of me. So I decided that I should maybe use some hand signals as well.

Anyway, a ride up past Loch Lubnaig wouldn't be the same without stopping at one point to grab a couple of pics.

Loch Lubnaig:

The rest of the journey up went smoothly enough. The roads were almost clear of caravans etc which I wasn't expecting. I had a quick break at the Green Welly Stop and had a wee chat with some of the other bikers who were out, making the most of the sun. Almost everyone was as shocked as the next guy about the weather.

A little further up the road I pulled in at a rest stop that has a good view of Loch Tulla and the surrounding area. It was here I found my 3rd crash of the day. A car was being removed on a flatbed lorry. Saw a few cops talking to the people who appeared to own the car so don't think there were fatalities or serious injuries.

Loch Tulla:

I didn't have far to go until I was off the bike again. There was a bit of a running theme with a group of cyclists who were on the same road. I'd pass them on the bike then get off to take photos and they'd pass me. Happened 5 or 6 times. I think they thought I was weird.

Anyway I pulled in at the side of the road as I was at a loch that had caught my eye the first time I'd come up but I hadn't photographed because I was so cold. Don't ask me how to pronounce this one but it's called 'Lochan Na h-Achlaise'. It's in an area called Rannoch Moor. It's one of the many spectacular roads in the area. What I like about it most is that you don't have to get off your bike and go wandering to see it. This is literally what you see when you look left from the road.

Lochan Na h-Achlaise:

So I moved on, passing the cyclists on the way. There was a rest stop further up that I was trying to avoid because I took photos there the last time. So I just pulled in at the side of the road and went for a wander. The ground was pretty boggy so I didn't go too far.

Outskirts of Glen Coe:

So I zoomed past the cyclists and into the glen. There weren't as many tour buses as last time which struck me as odd given the time of year but I suppose I was here earlier in the day than I was the last time which might explain it. Another rest stop and more climbing over rocks to get photos.

Glen Coe:

The next rest stop was only 2 minutes round the corner. I considered just pushing on and enjoying the ride but tbh I need the excercise so I stopped for more photos. I noticed a small hill beside the car park and decided to climb it for a better angle. I got halfway up before turning back in disgrace, shattered. I was so tired I considered lying down and letting the local wildlife eat me alive as a less painful alternative to walking any further.

Look how far away my bike is! It's the dot south of that campervan. The hill was higher than I thought (but still pathetically tiny).

This Dragonfly looked like it was dying. The thing was huge. Prob 4 or 5 inches long. Didn't know we had insects that size here. Having looked it up, it seems it's a Golden Ringed Dragonfly.

Round the corner was the waterfall. Having used up all the water I'd brought along while climbing that mountain, I was very tempted to climb down and dive in to the pool at the bottom.


After that it was Steak Pie for lunch and into Glen Coe Village. The food was good but it just made me sleepy. I stopped at a petrol station to buy some juice and was served by a young lad who was clearly distracted by a pretty young lady filling up her car. He didn't take his eyes off her the whole time he served me!

There was just enough time to take a couple of pictures of Loch Leven and the view back into Glen Coe before heading home.

Loch Leven:

The journey home went smoothly. No crashes to see anyway. I did at one point feel the need to stand by the side of the road with my trousers at my ankles to cool down though. I had stuff on underneath but it didn't stop me getting some funny looks.
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