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"I filmed my own runs here:

I'm hovering in 39-40 second range.

Vulfy, few years back, I too bumped into “Ride like a Pro” DVD, and soon, was spinning fig8 like a maniac. Cheesy it is, so I gave it to my riding buddy and he stopped dragging and walking his bike at low speed maneuvers.

Now, just watched your fig8 video and if I can be any help you need to focus on your vision …look over and far behind your shoulder and not at the cones or in between, you are not looking far enough,

say the bike is heading North, the very moment you arrive at your turning point, your head and most importantly your eyes should be facing South.

But you need to set your turning point, before you get there; you should know where it is with your eyes closed! Lee Parks has a nice little trick for this; we should get together for a little practice. I need some exercise myself, makes a HUGE difference! Thanks for the inspiration.
BTW, I'm in Brooklyn
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