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Abyss - I could not have said it better myself.

I made the mistake of buying an '06 Honda 450R, when I should have bought a 450X. I spent a fortune trying to make that bike fit my open desert riding style. I finally sold it and bought a bike designed for how I ride. Never again will I buy a bike and try to turn it into something it is not. I love my xc-w, and would not trade it for anything.

The only issue that I have had with mine is keeping it cool. A little over a week ago, I pulled a 10 paddle sand tire at Saint Anthony up here in ID and started overheating when the ambient temperature was above 75F. I do have to admit that I was working her out pretty hard. Once I address the cooling, I think this bike is going to be fine when the summer temperatures arrive.

My cooling mods are going to be a two stage process:

Stage 1 -
Part 1. Replace the thermo fan switch with an NAPA Echlin model that will close the circuit to engage the fan @ 198F, and opens the circuit @ 189F.

Part 2. Wire a second pull switch (identical switch as the headlight) to the factory dash console as a fan override, drawing from the battery. The thermo-switch will still work as designed, however this will give me discretion as to extra cooling.

Stage 2 -
I talked to the Samco rep last week, and I am getting ready to remove my thermostat all together. His suggestion was to install a KTM-47 hose kit with an FTP-4 T-hose replacement. Apparently the factory T-hose fittings are a bit restrictive.

I have all of the parts ordered for stage one, and will likely be posting pictures at some point. After some research, I am pretty sure I have identified the correct parts. When I verify that everything will work out I will post part numbers. I hate to lead people astray until I have verified everything.


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