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Uclear first impression

Hi Folks,

I just bought the Uclear and though I'll share with you my review. The best part is that the microphon is on the speaker, great approach. You need to make sure the speakers are alligned though.
The unit is easy to install on the helmet, pretty simple procedure. I have iPhone and the pairing was easy and quick. Sound is pretty good considering wind/speed. Generally speaking I had the J&M before and if I compare the two I would say the Uclear is as par (sound). At 80 m/h the sounds is reasonable. Phone calls - works very good, I needed to close the visor for the other side to hear my voice but they could hear me without any probelms. Rider and passenger communication with another Uclear system works great, no issues at all. I wish I had the option to stream the same tunes to two Uclear systems.....Technology is not yet there. All in all, very happy with the product.


Yigal, NH
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