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Originally Posted by Bike Nomad View Post
Thank you Ged and your other contributors for this entertaining thread. I am greatly enjoying it except for two things. Firstly, once again I am exposed to a picture of a mangled Ged ankle. I thought that was finally behind me by now. Iím seeing it so often I might as well give in and make that my desktop background. Secondly, I was somewhat disappointed by seeing a decent quality head and shoulders shot of bobzilla. He is one of my favorite posters on the 690 thread. Somehow between his posts and his avatar pic I had concocted a vision that somewhere out in the Great Basin there was a hard charging, riding hell for leather dude that looked like the imminently homicidal spawn of Charles Manson and Hellboy , pausing from his riding only long enough to occasionally scan through the posts in the 690 thread and dispense succinct pearls of mechanical wisdom, like the oracle of handiness. Now I find out that he is a pleasant looking fellow, is probably someoneís favorite uncle, and can actually take the time to write multi-paragraph posts. Ged, I guess you just bring out the best in people.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the tale.

Geez.....what have i done to dispel your first impressions of BobZ????

Bob, I am so sorry for outing you as a sensitive man who truly cares for those close to him and who continues to open his heart to the human condition and the rest of us trapped in it.....but I am dedicated in this lifetime to de-mystifying myths....

BobZ's avatar certainly leads many of us to BN's impression of BobZ....I think he chose that pic as an avatar after one of his week-long rides far from baths, Walmart-kulture, and other accoutrements of "civilization".
He and I long for those safe places where other people are not able to trample our version of how life should be...

Every evening around the campfire, despite how many 690 rebuilds he did that day, Bob would say, "This is better than any hotel !"

We all had to agree...even though some guys were crushing their balls in their silly tripod camp chairs designed by the Marquis de Sade, others were pretending to find comfort in their miniature toy furniture, and I, lounging in the dirt or sand when not teetering on a boulder kindly placed before me by one of the youngsters....

"Ride the dez" is what Bob would say....with the unspoken suggestion that one should also sleep in it, breath it in, and take remnants of it home with you (I am still dumping sand out of my tent and other gear.....the varying colours of each remnant reminding me of it all).
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