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Originally Posted by Thebes View Post
What is the availability of basic foods like fresh (or frozen) chicken, pork chops, fish, veggies, fruits, etc?
I'm a little worried that I might only find things like canned soup, SPAM, hotdogs, and Doritos- if I find groceries at all at remote stops.
Cities, even smaller ones, will have everything you need. But the small communities you will pass through along the way will have a relatively poor selection, if anything at all, so stock up when you can.

The problem up here is the extremely high cost of refrigeration. Forget the jokes about selling refrigerators to eskimos, it gets hot here during normal summers and the expense of running refrigeration is exorbitant. I know, as for years I maintained most of the commercial refrigeration in this area.

What you do have in your favor is that large enough cities are spaced an easy day's ride apart, so you won't have to carry four or five days worth of perishables. Camp close enough to a city that you can get up in the morning, ride on in to get what you need for that day's meals, then head for the next city and do the same. You might not have steak and eggs for breakfast before you hit the road, but you will have time to work up a good appetite before stopping to cook.
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