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Originally Posted by StolenFant View Post
I'm going to check out the Long Cane. Supposedly it's too tight for a Wee, but I want to check out what other riders are on, and get the details of other AMA Dual Sport class and Adventure Ride class events. I'm following BigWrench up via HoCat and Meow EARLY Saturday AM. I'll shoot an email to the group when we work out meeting place. The plan is to camp there, but I may return before ride is over Sunday. Join if you can, and have a safe weekend.

The other bikes will look like a sea of orange! I've ridden it twice, once on my 650 and once on the 350, with the knobbiest of DOT knobbies. Didn't finish the whole route either time. A 16-mile section of private-land tight single track did me in last year (just got hot & exhausted & my right hand that I have some plastic joints in felt done for). Definitely take a Camelbak or the like.

There are some good forest service roads in the Sumter NF nearby. I don't know how forthcoming Me and my Monkee is with his maps, but the AARSES ride to Abbeville all the time from the Augusta area on a big dirty loop. Looks something like this (no, I don't have the GPX):

The most adventure-bike-friendly organized DS in SC I've been to was the one at Broxton Bridge about 3 years ago when they had it in May. They had a whole separate route for the bigger bikes. They skipped a year, then this year they held it in January on the day before the Enduro. I didn't go to that one, so I don't know if they did the separate roll chart again for the bigger bikes or not.

Y'all have fun and be careful!

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