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Dodged a Bullet

Went for a ride down to Fort Frances to pick up some stuff today. It was a bit cool but got to check out my heated gear set up.

Just north of the Crow Rock bridge I was burning along watching my odometer as it was about to roll over to 14,000 km.

This highway is in nice shape but the speed limit is set at 80k which is far too low. Everyone drives at around 100 on it.

Well anyway I was cruising along nicely, as I said, and as I crested a hill so did an unmarked OPP. I knew I was speeding and dropped the throttle right away but he had me for sure. Looked in the rear view and sure as hell his brake lights came on. Decided to continue on and see if he was going to continue to pursue me. A couple minutes and still no sign so was thinking maybe I was clear but then he appeared. Followed me for a couple minutes prob running my plates and then lit me up.

I figured I was screwed an pulled over. He got out and I got my papers together. He seemed like a nice guy but when he said he had me clocked at 121 I dam near shit. I knew I was over the limit but sure did not think I was that high.

He took my stuff and then approached. He explained that 121 in an 80 carries a $250 fine plus 4 demerits (and of course the insurance hike) but he was going to give me a break and cut it to 95 in an 80 which was $50 but no demerits.

I damn near kissed him. I still don't think i was doing that fast but he definitely could have been a lot more cruel.

He said he had to give me a ticket of some type and i fully agreed. I thanked him profusely and the headed off. Kept it under 103 for the rest of the ride down and back home.
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