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The badge on the head tube states that it had a manufacture date of 1-70. The case has some numbers stamped into it it just in front of the swing arm that says T500. That is followed by a 5 digit number that I would assume is it's VIN. That number also matches the frame numbers.

The headlight does have a flat spot on the lower portion of it.

The bike was last run in 1985 and according to my friend Mark, it ran when he gave it to his friend Jimmy. It was Jimmy who partially disassembled it. When I mentioned to Mark that I always wanted a two stroke street bike, Mark went and got the bike from Jimmy and then hauled it to my place.

Can I assume that testing the crank seals is done the same way on this bike as it is on a weed wacker (blocking off the intake and exhaust and then pressurizing the crankcase) or is there a different procedure?

I noticed that the gasket area between the heads and crankcase has some red RTV showing. It is thin and was NOT applied to the outside, so I have to assume that the heads have been off before. Neither Mark nor Jimmy are mechanically inclined so I highly doubt either one of 'em did any serious work to it.

Unfortunately, I am running really short on time and just haven't been able to give this thing any attention. I'm planning a cross country trip on my DR650 and that has been eatting all my time and money. It might be a while before I am able to really dig into this machine.
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