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Originally Posted by RobertAmsterdam View Post
nice video! Maybe next time more text or voice over to tell what you did why and where
Sorry, but it was not intended to be a report. Didn't have the time for it, i haven't even seen half the footage!
So here's a sort of a report.

Ok let's see, this trip was planed on a rush 3 weeks ago when a guy i met on a ride called me about it, i managed to get 2 weeks off, and that's about it for planning.

First day tarmac straight to Tangier, then across the Atlas on great mountain roads to spend the night in Merzouga (36║C by night ), woke up early to avoid the heat and to get to know the dunes on Erg Chebbi
My friend on the KTM knew the place well as he lost count on how many times he has been there, we did a lot of high speed sand patches from the dakar which this bikes love. As much as i'd love to try the bigger dunes i had to recognize we were in no condition of trying them, limited by my ability, it was to hot, didn't want to risk melting the clutch, the tires were Mitas E-10 and were overinflated to avoid punctures on the rocks.The same day at about 11AM started a duststorm, couldn't see 10m ahead.
The next days where spent on the Rheris valley, where the 990 developed an unknown electrical problem witch accompanied us everyday for the rest of the trip. The first time it shut down, we spent just under three hours until we managed to get her going.
We crossed the Rheris dry riverbed, some infamous 6-7Km of Fesh - Fesh, due to the delay on the repairs we only got there by mid-day, it was hot as hell, and with our bikes heavily loaded it was a hell to get through, due to the sun position and brightness i couldn't really read the terrain all that well, it was the biggest challenge of our trip, rewarding though, the region is amazing.
Then i noticed my fork seal (seel?!) started to leak, , all the next days where mostly hardcore rocky sections, so we had to abort our initial plans and stick to easy tracks until we could reach tarmac, one of the days we only managed to start the KTM at 5PM so we took the fastest way possible to the road, this meant a 70Km higly corrugated dirtroad that made sure i had no oil left on my right fork!
We continued the trip by tarmac, great roads on the Atlas, we avoided to turn off the KTM so every time he had to refuell it would be with a Jerrycan and the bike on, everyday in the morning or after lunch we made bet's on if it would start, eventually ended up in Marrakech and started heading north.
We managed to get to Tanger still fresh and decided to push as far as we felt like riding, Marrakech - Lisbon in one day 1100Km

So lesson learned. install some Neoprene fork protector. a wonderful trip cut short because of a simple, cheap, seemingly unnecessary farkle. Damn you Fesh -Fesh, i thought i'd beaten you but you had the last laugh.
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