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Wow, I was on the fence about doing this. But I think based on my rider ability and the fact that I have a KLR, I have no business doing it this year. :( I also don't think I have the right safety gear just yet.

Definitely next year though. I've only been on dirt/gravel a handful of times and never at any speeds like that. Going to have to fix that soon. :) Attempted the Iron Mountain Trail outside Damascus at RDV this year, but only made it 2 miles before turning back cause I was worred about getting stuck on the trail at night. I think I could have handled it, but it would have been slow. :)

Good luck to everyone going and stay safe!
I wave the fast riders around me, except for my long-suffering husband! He says he'd rather stay behind me than have to come back later looking for pieces and parts of me and the bike to pick up. Roots are usually my nemeses. Off-road boots, a chest protector and elbow protection are a must.
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