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So Kevin and Herc tqake care of stuffing up the fuel pump, wire connections crimped tight, hose saftey wired on since no crimp clamp, pump wired to housing , all back together and .................................................. .......
still wont idle SHIT\


Tiner calmly walks over and says with a beer in his hand" fuel, air and spark , thats all it needs. did you check your plug?" Fuck no I didnt check the plug its always been the pump/injector

take the plug cap off and notice it has a crack. take it off , dut the wire back a bit, screw it back on the wire and super tape it up. take out the plug and it looks good but WTF its only a $28 special 690 plug so change it lives. Tiner takes if for a 30 minute test ride and all is good

Moral of the story DONT GET TUNNEL VISON

One more Beer Fest night at a great campground with store,showers.bathroom, covered workarea for $20 for 8 guys

After riding all day long concentrating in isolation the evenings around a fire really let you get to know your friends on a different level. As good as the riding is the evenings are maybe a bigger part of this trip

ulterior motives: many differeent parts of my life are coming together on this trip and getting to know each other . I have good friends

it is all about me
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