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[QUOTE=desert_dave;18789616]i would say that i learned a valuable lesson that day, no wait make it two. the first being, when you show up some where to find a campsite somtimes its best just to sit back relax and watch the show. As Dan had said, we sat there on the porch enjoying a cold beverage and the hot girl behind the counter and watched the rest of the group as if they were on a poker run looking for a campsite. Aboot (dammit jed now you got me saying it) 10 min later we casually walk over to our bikes and ride to the campsite. As soon as we got there we say everyone in various stages of unpacking. From just the helmet off to stripped down boots off and ass in a chair. They immediatly started yelling at us turn your bike off. in the distance we could hear some yelling. What was that you said, better campsite! trees, grass, tables!!! Without a moment of hesitation Dan and i were gone from that rocky no tree, no grass SOB. New campsight= Shang-la-ra... Dan i quickly picked our spots and waited while the rest of the calvery stumbled in half dressed with all kids of shit hanging half hazardly off the bikes. Lesson one, sometimes it pays to be patient.
Lesson two; As this pains me to say i have been told enough times by countless diffrent people that,,,,,,,wait for it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yes it is a fact my mom and sister are both hot... Sometimes you just dont want the accept the facts. I mean come on, its my mom and sister, there not hot to me. So if you find yourself in a similar situation take the hight road like i did. put on your big boy pants, have broad shoulders and then finally drown yourself in great beer....thanks for the royal roasting on the trip boys. the only thing missing was that fat B@#$%# Lisa Lampanelli and my red chair...[/QUOT

I have been daves friend for about 20 years and as part of this friendship i have been privy to sleep overs at his house when we were young and my favorite part was always daves mom, there has always been something about daves mom! I hope she is not reading this.
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