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Has anyone put this on and run the bike on a gas analyzer and a dyno before and after? I did dig through some of the posts, but wow there are a ton!
Hey there TM. The IICE Air richens the mixture by 6% during Open-loop operation.

For Open-loop operation that is the expected result from lowering the Intake Air Temperature input to the ECU. As you can imagine, the fuel/air ratio is a mass ratio calculation, and the temperature and pressure of the air is used to calculate the mass of the air.

For Closed-loop operation, the ECU still relies on air temperature and pressure, but 'adjusts' its mass ratio calculations based on feedback from the O2 sensor. This 'feedback adjustment' eventually negates the 6% enrichment during Closed-loop operation.

Thinking about the differences between Open-loop and Closed-loop for a minute might lead a person to think that disconnecting the O2 sensor would be the way to go. You know. The imagined solution is to eliminate the O2 sensor feedback and the ECU will not know what to do. The idea is it will switch over to to a rich 'limp home' mode. Which sounds great except that isn't the way it works.

The ECU has the primary task of creating the proper exhaust constituents to properly operate the catalyst. That is its primary task, not the secondary task, the primary task. To support that objective the ECU is programmed to create the right exhaust constituents with or without O2 sensor feedback. The ECU does a much better job of that with the O2 sensor feedback than without. Running the ECU without an O2 sensor input makes Closed-loop drivability worse long term.


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