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1975 dt 250 restoration advice...and should i even do it?

Okay so this might be a little bit of an odd post but i could use some advise.

My brother has a 1975 dt 250 thats been sitting in the back yard under a tarp for about a year now, the engine seems to be perfect, shocks seem okay, and for the most part the lights work. It was his daily commuter for about a year but he got sick of it flooding on him because it has a rusted tank.

I dont really have any experience working on motorcycles and would like to learn, and think this could be a good project to learn on and it would really be a nice surprise for my brother. ( he doesnt live at home, doesnt have the time or money to fix it himself, and is currently stuck taking the bus to work 5 days a week )

I think mainly what needs to be done is
-de-rust the tank (then seal the tank? i read about some product your supposed to use after de-rusting, but dont really know)
-clean the carb
-re-upholster his seat
-de-rust his exhaust which is pretty darn rusty
-get the speckle rust off of just about every exposed metal part
-and then replace whatever fluids might be old, dont care if they are or not just going to replace just to be safe

I want to do this with out really spending any money, besides what i'll need to de-rust the tank. Im only working two days a week at the moment so until i land a new job i can make up what i lack in money and experience with time. I also have a couple buddies who wouldnt mind helping me out from time to time who have done some work on their own bikes, but are in no way mechanics haha.

As far as tools/supplies go i believe i have everything i need to do all this, besides whatever i need to clean the tank.

The main advise i need is on the cleaning of the tank, or if i should even attempt it not having any tank cleaning experience.

What products or method would you guys suggest? Ive heard of a couple but am unsure of them.

Like i said i really have no experience in this so it may sound like i kinda know what im talking about but im just going off of what little general knowledge of motorcycles i have and the research ive done on the internet so any and all advise is greatly appreciated.
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