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Wow we’ve had a mad mad few weeks! Updates below!

New Bikes!

Finally! Sam and I managed to lay our hands on these two beautiful KTM 690 Enduro R 690’s!

Lovingly named Calvin and Hobbes we’ve been grinning ear to ear... well I have been... Sam on the other hand has been a sad sad bunny as his bike kept going *POP* detaching the throttle body detached from the Engine!
Since having it new... he’s ridden the bike a total of 5 times and 4 of those occasions we ended up broken down at the side of the road! Once we managed to catch on camera... and luckily in the dealers car park too! Weh hey!

After weeks of problems and the technicians at Fowlers (our dealership) not having a clue what is wrong with the bike... we’re now awaiting a brand new one! Fowlers have been mega and helped out as much as they can... the duff bike is currently with KTM who are trying to figure out why it keeps happening, when we find out more we’ll let you know!

For a more in depth story about what’s happened including videos and pictures take a look at our blog post here (and sign up to our facebook! We’re always updating with news and competitions and all sorts!)

Stop - Hammer Time Blog
Sam’s Bikes Final Kaputt
Facebook Page: Chasing Horizons

Amidst all the above we took time out to pop along to the Touratech Adventure Travel Weekend to hold a charity stand and met some STUPENDOUSLY awesome people (including Sam Manicom, Caroline Taylor (the resident Doc for Nick Sanders Expeditions), Nathan who nuttily rode a 50cc back from the land of Oz in flip flops, Andreas Hülsmann a journalist and photographer (thanks for the tips on the D200!!) and so many more adventure riders (Jason, Lisa, Jon, Charlie, Kim, Rod, Craig, Barbara, Louise, Alec are just a few!).

We learned so so much! SO much! Not only that but we had a tremendous time charity raising, so many people donated to the Wales Air Ambulance, Riders for Health and World Land Trust and everyone was keen in taking part in Guess the Weight of the Cake:

The winner was Mister Jason Spafford who guessed the closest to the whopping weight of 6.83kg!
So much happened and there’s a diary post to the day here if you want a proper read but such a great weekend!

Touratech Adventure Travel Event 2012 Blog
Facebook Page: Chasing Horizons

Birthday Biking Surprises:
I managed to have the most tremendous birthday ever! Not only was it a gorgeous day, but we had the fun of tootling out and about on the bikes (Sam at the time had a courtesy bike of a KTM 990 SMT which was beautiful!)

When stopped off at our favourite lake (Blagdon) we took pew on a log in a nearby shaded wooded area to cool down.... when Sam completely threw me and popped the question! All caught on camera too as we were testing the Contour ROAM cameras we had :) Needless to say I said yes!

The blog post for this is below:

Birthday Biking and Muddy Knees
Facebook Page: Chasing Horizons

So yeh! It’s all super busy! We’re currently sorting out our off road courses, are getting in all the kit for the bikes, have a couple of events to pop to and lots of people to meet up with before we head off... hopefully from the Travel Adventure Film Festival in Sherborne (that’s another story... randomly meeting Austin Vince and having a BBQ with him and a fellow biking friend who is also doing a mammoth RTW trip! Nuts!)

We have previews and reviews coming up on various items (including the Contour ROAM and XLite X551) and our website is bulking out with more and more details on gear, bikes, press and all sorts so do visit!
All go go go but all good good good! Not long now!

Once again, please please please if you get the opportunity “like” our facebook page as the more likes we get, the more moolah we will be getting for our charities from our sponsors! Yaaaay for charities!

Facebook Page: Chasing Horizons
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