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I`m from Merthyr Tydfil originally, and I didn`t know the biker. But I do know the farmer. I can understand he was trying to prevent his livestock from wandering off, but Gwyn was a TWAT for putting up that bar without any signs and a young lad has paid for it with his life. I hope that this will haunt Gwyn Parry for the rest of his days. My older brother rides many parts of the Taff trail an a regular basis on a mountain bike and I know what sort of speeds him and his mates get up to. As for the council official who assessed the risk, He`s just like the rest of the council officials in Merthyr, a shower of shit who don`t have a clue as to risk assessment. Can you imagine some poor kid galloping a horse into it? Same result as Poor Jamie Roberts. This trail is used by hundreds if not thousands of people on a weekly basis. G.Parry was a TWAT, and should have paid the price for his bloody minded carelessness and so too, the poxy shower of shit officials.
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