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Originally Posted by lennie View Post

That is good to know the international registered mail only takes a week to be delivered. I use it to safeguard my products as a few sets have gone missing in the past.

I am surprised at the low response here, at Boxertrix (UK) and the Pelican Parts board.

Here at Advrider there is incredible interest and excitement for a temp sensor spoofer yet little about a product that will really wake thier bikes up and pay for themselves over time with the savings in fuel.

Maybe there is a much smaller market than I anticipated or a reluctance to go inside the motor.

I would be very interested to know why.
My guess about the answer as to why, is due to a lack of understanding as to just what the product does. No, not the change in cam timing but a clear and definitive explanation as to how the horsepower and torque curves change using this product alone. I went to your site and the dyno runs include all of the modifications not just the sprockets. AND it took me a while to realize you were talking about the cam sprockets and not 'other' sprockets.

While these points may seem trivial they would greatly reduce the confusion as to just what is truly going on with this modification.

Now for racers or guys who are really knowledgeable about engine timing and tuning figuring out just what you're offering is easier. But most of the folks here on ADV don't know these details and without a better explanation that covers the reasons and the benefits, interest in the product may never reach 'critical mass' so to speak.

Just some ideas to ponder.

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