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The best story from night three involved a person who normally does not drink in excessive amounts, a self described “once a year” binge drinker. Said person told a story about going to a friend’s house for dinner, where things got out of hand and they ended up doing double up stoppies on a mountain bike in the front yard until they decimated all the local plant life. Upon waking up with an epic hangover, said binge drinker went to the bathroom to do the morning duties. In what was obviously a semi drunken state, said story teller admitted that while turning slightly for required toilet paper, the U shaped toilet seat broke loose from its mounts and sheared said story tellers penis against the hard, cold, porcelain. Causing said story teller to scream out “I sheared my dick off!!!”

Again, this does no justice to the comedic value of the story when delivered around a campfire after half a dozen beers.
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