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Here is the answer to your question. Before fitting the acewell, it is necessary to find how far the vehicle moves with a single turn of the speedo cable.
Mark the tyre and ground, and push forward 1 wheel revolution - measure the distance travelled in MM.
Put a piece of tape on the end of the original speedo cable to produce a flag, push the bike forward 1 wheel revolution again, but this time count the number of revolutions of the speedo cable.
Divide the distance travelled, by the number of rotations of the speedo cable, and enter this number into the acewell.
e.g. If the bike moves forward 1700mm and the speedo cable turned 3 times, then enter 567 into the C screen Regards Jake.

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I recently installed an Acewell 2853 on my BMW R 60/6. I opted for the cable drive converter instead of the magnetic bike style counter for the speedometer. Installation was a cinch but the speedo reading is off. How do I calibrate the speedo for the bike given that it is not reading rotations of the wheel and instead counting revolutions of the cable? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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