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The big blocks are good, real good in the rain, in my 4000 miles I rode 700 miles in the pouring rain/ snow, and they were never slick. I'd put them right on even with tkc's. While in moab we rode slickrock, rocks, and sand. They handled very well but the tread is a touch shallow for the deep sand, I overcame that with speed.

Here in the black hills we ride hardpack dirt and lots and lots of rock, no complaints there either. In mud they tend to push and slip mostly because of the tread depth, but my Scotts really helps there.

I only have the tkc's to compare too, and like I said, I'd put the BB's on par, other than cost and lifespan. Gut feeling is that you couldnt push the bb's quite as hard as the tkc's on the road. I did crazy stupid hard and fast road runs on tkc's on my gsa, i wouldn't try that on the BB's.

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