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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
Not sure what the question is. Crank is usually means crankshaft, the thingy the pistons connect to via connecting rods. If referring to the direction it turns, counter clockwise. If you mean type, it is referred to as a 360 degree type. On most vertical twins, it means both pistons rise and fall at the same time, but only 1 is on the power stroke. The engine has 1 power stroke on every 360 degrees of crank rotation.

If this question is referring to the change Husqvarna made to this engine, I posted. They changed the crank throws, so instead of 1 power stroke every 360 degrees of crank rotation, the power stroke occurs at 315 and 405 degrees. I hope your answer is in there somewhere.
I apologize for the ignorant way I phrased the question, what I was looking for (and you answered) was the "type" i.e. 360 degree. What does it mean that "only one is on the power stroke"?
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