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I just bought one of these today. Its surprisingly clean and smokes a LOT but runs and runs FAST! This is my first thumper (I've had a sportster for a couple years now), and I am blown away by the power of this bike. I want to get her running like she should be but first things first i need to put fresh gas in it. Does anyone know what type of 2 stroke oil and what mix is best for this beast? The previous owner said yamaha oil mixed at 32:1 but he barely rode this bike and knew very little about it. Also I wanna change the motor/tranny (the same stuff has been in there for years of mostly sitting, he didn't even know what it was. The speedometer is not attached, but I have it and the cable, haven't tried to hook it up yet. I paid 1400. Was this a good buy?
Not a thumper, you know. Two stroke! Raymond @ Hall's Husky (one smart dude when it comes to vintage Husky) recommends Golden Spectro for pre-mix. I run at 45:1. And they really like good race fuel!
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