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Originally Posted by LanceSA View Post
I've had my 2012 for just over a month now. Done about 2000 km including one long weekend trip.
Apparently there is not an Acrapovic exhaust for it currently. I took my spare Akra left over from my 2 into 1 conversion on the 950 se and fitted that and a Rally Raid foam air filter. It was ok with just the occasion cough and die.
Then my dealer changed the mapping and everything went south. Constant stalling. The foam air filter was very exposed as I have installed thE RR tanks without the screen so I went back to the standard air filter and mapping with the Akra (can't stand the heat & sound of the std pipe) and alls good.
Loving the bike
I have a stock 12. I've ridden about 1200 km including a 6 hour dual sport ride with a group. I haven't noticed any unique heat at the muffler. After you get the thing up to temperature all mufflers are hot, including the Akro systems on my other bikes. The only place I noticed the heat on this one is when I was wearing shorts and sandals while riding across town last weekend to install my Scott's stabilizer at my son's shop. Unprotected left leg is not a good idea. That left side header system will cook your ankle!

In any event, mine runs perfectly as a stocker. Idles and fuels through the range like a well-tuned motorcycle should. Never a stumble anywhere or a delayed start. Instant fire with just a touch on the starter button and no throttle. Still a little vibey in the mid 60mph range, though. Hopefully smoothes out with more km.
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