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It looks innocent. Like somebody pulling your leg, making a joke or not knowing what they are doing. A waste of time? Maybe. I think it is sinister. I think there are deeper motives at work and this is somebody, probably more than one, trying to drive the prices up. Junk dealers have amassed huge warehouses of used Airhead parts. They can wait but they can also play this game. And it will drive the price up. Whole bikes and parts. Over time the price will naturally go up but the dealers would like to help it along and increase prices more.

It costs them nothing to do this on Ebay. They don't have to make a sale.

Dealers, dealers, dealers. It is getting harder to find small individual people parting out a personal bike or two. And what if you want to sell something? You would like to make a little money also on your efforts. We all need it. I can't really complain too much. I won't pay that price for that part or buy the GS bike for over 13 grand but I want the high end of what it's worth when I sell and I want under the market value when I buy.

I recently had to buy square valve covers for my /6 because the value of peanut covers is now through the roof. 6 or 7 years ago a peanut cover could be had for $25. They are usually 3 times that today.

Have you watched the prices of /2 bikes for these last 15 years? The same thing is going to happen to our Airheads. Maybe there are enough bikes that the prices won't be so bad for awhile but eventually it will hurt. It is what happens to a bike that gets "restored". It is worth too much money to ride on the street.

I think I won't be around when it gets too expensive to ride my bike but who knows.
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