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Sup Advriders. I'm Alex from Sydney, Australia. For years I've been reading through the advrider ride reports and dreaming of taking my own trip - usually from the exotic surrounds of an office cubicle. While I've been riding for ages, the longest trip I've ever done has been a day. However, a few weeks ago I finally made a dream a reality and arrived in London, ready to grab my bike and begin a 5 month motorcycle tour all around Europe. The plan is very... fluid. I don't really know where I'm going to be specifically, but the general idea is something like this:

Basically, start in London, ride up to John o' Groats at the top of Scotland, ride back down, chunnel/ferry to France, then go eastas far as Germany, north to Nordkapp via Norway, back south via Finland/Sweden, south to Greece via Eastern Europe, through the Balkans to northern Italy (and probably up to Austria/Switzerland), then west to Spain and south to Morocco. Then assuming I haven't run out of time, back up through Portugal and France to London, where I ship/fly home. I imagine it'll mostly be road riding along small roads, but I'd like to get some dirt action in too if I can. Unfortunately in Europe there seems to be nice roads everywhere which makes things difficult, but we'll see what happens.

After a lot of research (see my post history) I decided to get a bike in Australia, farkle it up and ship it over. This is her:

Kawasaki Versys with Happy Trails crash bars and panniers, a Hepco-Becker top box, Barkbusters, a Givi Windscreen, heated grips (these came with the bike, before someone calls me a pansy ) and a cigarette lighter setup that allows me to run my phone as a GPS/stereo. I love the Versys - it's not a full-on adventure bike but it's cheap, handles great in the twisties even with a tonne of stuff on it and it'll do dirt as long as you don't want to go too fast.

I started a few weeks ago but I haven't got around to posting things on advrider until now (unfortunately I'm currently injured and immobile in Scotland, but hopefully that's temporary). I have a blog that covers the whole trip at, and I'm going to put the posts on here, cutting out some of the more boring non-motorcycle-related bits. Looking forward to having you all along for the ride .
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