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Bancroft and Chesterfield, Idaho

Headed out northward about 11:00 Saturday morning, the sky was threatening rain but it was too tempting to wait it out. I traveled north through small Utah and southern Idaho farming communities. The smells from fresh cut hay were thick as well as the smell of rain on the horizon. Made my way into Bancroft, Idaho about 1:00, the town looked almost deserted rode by the high school and found it was their high school graduation; the small parking lot was packed. Another few miles and I pulled into the Idaho settlement town of Chesterfield. As you will see by the following pictures it was out in the middle of the frontier at the time along the Oregon Trail. After I shut down the bike I started walking around the old homes and other buildings that were left behind and others having been restored. The silence was almost astounding, excepting the crickets that were starting up as the skies continued to darken. It was like moving back in time 100+ years.
After a couple hours wandering around the old town and taking in the surroundings I noted the skies had become more black than anything else. I decided I should try and head out and see if I could outrun the bulk of the storm. I was successful excepting about 20 minutes overall of rain and hail. The rain I could handle, the hail was a bit much. I shut down and took shelter at the side of an old silo for a few for a half hour or so while the hail moved off. I hit a few more pockets of rain but no worries, made it back home with no calamities.
In my opinion very much worth seeing. If youíre ever over that way donít miss it. A great day trip.

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