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I have owned and ridden many bikes, a couple ducatis a 72 triumph and burned through some turns on the latest crouch rockets. But all that I can say is that an old airhead is on another level, it does not "feel" like you are going 100 down an open stretch of road but you are and cornering is insane with that high center of gravity and the first thing to scrape the ground isn't your pegs or muffler, it's your valve cover, and let me tell you, you are close to vertical when that occurs. When I first really committed to a corner on my 74 r90 I was more scared and excited than on any other ride I had previous or since.

The only reason that I own mine was that I was desperate for a bike under 3000 during a certain part of my life and picked mine up for 2000. The guy I got it from was clearly sad to see it go but was moving on to less adventure. Best purchase I have ever made, hands down. Reliable, bulletproof, utilitarian, cool, and fun! Best bike I have ever owned hands down.

Oh and the size thing, I look like an ape on most everything I have ever ridden being 6'4" and 240 but this bike is great for my stature.

You are not going to outperform everyone on this bike but you will definitely have the most fun of anyone trying!
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