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Spots: I don't have any plans as of right now to introduce a spot beam, but I will include the request in my search for future products.

BTW, 2-300 yards down the road is no problem at all for the 3600 lumen version. I got into this obsession with lights riding at night in the NE area, not very interested in hitting moose or deer, and I found these to work the best to expand my vision field both out to the sides and down the road. I've never hit a speed at which I feel like I'm outrunning my headlights anymore.

Originally Posted by RoundOz View Post
Any chance of a more focused model? I have a pair of the 2000 lumen models and would trade them for only one thing...the 3600 lumen jobs!
These lights have huge output and are amazing value for money and output per watt, but I believe I don't have the best night vision in the world and on the highway I would like to add a pair with less light on reflective signs and more 2-300 yards down the road.
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