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Dakar 2013

Many thanks to the nice things you guys said.
The truth is that this is very expensive, but it is also true that it you want it bad enough it is possible.
I am a teacher with three kids, and I did it.
Once you get in the racing mode you generate the necessary resources to do it
This is such a big event that selling to sponsors is easier than in only American events.
In my case Freedom Cycles helped me a great deal and KTM Austria too. But I am nothing special, most of you are a lot faster than me, I am just more stubborn than most.
The last day to present your Dossier is July 15th, and so far very few americans are attempting it.
We can not let the Frenchies tell us how to ride on the dirt.

FreedomCycles has a phenomenal assistance truck and all the know how to prepare bikes and assist riders.
The solutions are now closer than ever to be able to ride.

I can help with navigation and everything else.

I am sure that there are motorcycle clubs and organizations that can pull resources to make it happen for an american rider. As I am sure that there is someone rich enough that would like to sponsor a rider.
Freedom has also a motorhome that follows the race as a support vehicle with room in it.
I am from Argentina, so the fact that is raced in Latinamerica makes it much easier for me, we can pass all that along.

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