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I know it's long and reading is hard but please read anyway

I have added a poll, please mark the meals you will be there for. We're trying to get a bit of a head count to be able to have enough food for everyone. You can make more than one choice on this poll.


Tent camping $11.00 per tent per night.

RV/Trailer/Truck camping: Please check with the campground for price. 1-877-426-4027

If you've been there before you know the drill. If not have no fear Brian will probably pop out to greet you with a great big smile and direct you to where to go. Pay Brian or Margaret (the park owners) for your camping when you arrive or when you can run them down. We keep them a bit busy.

For those of you camping in trunks or vans and not using an RV spot please pull your vehicle off the road and out of the way of the folks in the RV spots. There were a couple of people that had to struggle a bit to pull their trailers out when it was time to leave last year. Please consider this when you are choosing where to park it.

This year I'm going to let everyone fend for themselves a bit more than I have the last few years. Town is close and with good options for food so I'm going to take a bit of a break and do some riding this year. With that said there will still be a few meals in camp, I just won't be doing them.

Friday Evening Dinner: Apple Jam and Mustang Shelly will be treating us to their yummy fajitas. There will be a donation jar out to help cover their costs.

Saturday Evening Dinner: Lear's Restaurant will be catering dinner. $10.00 per person.

Sunday Morning: Margaret is planning to do breakfast sandwiches, fruit and coffee for everyone to have a grab and go breakfast before they head out. She made them for us last year and they were very yummy & filling, they are nothing like the fast food breakfast sandwiches.

Firewood: The last couple years Brian and Margaret have donated the wood for the bon fire but a lot gets burned and they really shouldn't have to absorb those costs. They normally sell the wood by the bundle for other campers and haven't asked up to pay but I would like to be able to give them enough to at least cover the costs of getting the wood. I'll put out a firewood donation jar and if everyone will donate a dollar or two it will go a long way to covering those costs and I will appreciate it.

Morning coffee: We'll have it available if we have pots to make it in. There were a few people that have said they would bring large coffee pots. If you have a big pot and coming in a 4 wheeled type vehicle a coffee pot would be appreciated. We will have electricity.

This year I will be riding to Enterprise so I won't be bringing all my stuff but I'm sure all will work out fine.

What I wish for everyone: Have a great time, enjoy the flowers along the way and take pictures to prove it.

It's coming up soon ! ! !

You get extra points for catching my typos, bad spelling or stupid grammer.
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