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Originally Posted by GHO100 View Post
Spots: I don't have any plans as of right now to introduce a spot beam, but I will include the request in my search for future products.

BTW, 2-300 yards down the road is no problem at all for the 3600 lumen version. I got into this obsession with lights riding at night in the NE area, not very interested in hitting moose or deer, and I found these to work the best to expand my vision field both out to the sides and down the road. I've never hit a speed at which I feel like I'm outrunning my headlights anymore.
I agree that there would be more than enough light at that range with those lights. But, in my opinion, and maybe it is just the way I see the world, if the lights are hitting the roadside reflectors (and even the surface of the road directly in front of the bike, which I have found is the way I have to aim these powerful LEDs to avoid dazzling vehicles a half mile away) then I cannot see down the road. The nearby reflections effectively kill my night vision. I find I am so sensitive to this that I put white tape over my blue high beam indicator lamp and find I can see better at night. I turn down my truck's instrument lights all the way and on long trips I even throw my wallet or a ball cap over the part of the gauges I don't need to see. You see what I am faced with? This is why I want put the light only where it is needed, with just enough spillover to light the ditches so I can see the deer just late enough to not be able to avoid them if they decide to jump in front anyway.
There are 10 degree LEDs out there, and some that claim to be spot pattern, but none that I have found that are anything like 3600 lumens! Unless you count big led light bars. Not something I want or could afford to put on a bike.
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