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Originally Posted by miked68 View Post
I'm currently getting ready for my 4th trip to Alaska, Yukon, NW Territories in the last 6 years. the 1st trip I made all the standard mistakes; took too much stuff, went with a schedule & plan, etc. I got lucky and had pretty good weather most of the trip and traveled 7,500 miles round trip with almost no difficulites. I took a KLR with hardly any modifications except bigger windscreen and better seat. cheap reliable bike with large gas tank.

I had been talking about the trip for over a year and one Sunday i just said the hell with it, loaded the bike and left the next day. figured I'd "learn the hard way" on the first trip; and it's still my favorite trip to Alaska.

when people ask me about my trips i tell them they can plan or they can just go!! i strongly recommend "just go" !

or you can sit at your computer and read the "Alaska" threads and someday you'll die saying " I wish . . . "
Well said. I am guilty as charged.
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