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Originally Posted by spafxer View Post
Ahem, since Tim's chain is on the other side......... He must be adjusting that BMW's drive shaft
Just moving the chain adjuster on the left side of the bike.

Back to the ride reporting.

As, Ersin said, Rich was the first casualty:

Frank on the 640:

Bashful KTM's.

Ersin on the 990

Joel (prior to going Rogue)

Paul on the 950

Most of Elbow Canyon avoided my camera, as I was too busy picking up bikes.

After Joel went rogue and took Paul with him, we decided to go to the Bar 10 and meet the rest of the group, get gas, and decide how we were going to find the rogue rider and Paul.

Ersin and his flat tire:

The best part of Ersin getting a flat tire was the guys in the Nissan truck that stopped to ask if we needed anything. I responded with "we could use some beers." Phil responded with "Hey man, we have 3 spare beers you guys can have." So we had some beer and some of their homemade vodka while Ersin finished up his tire change.

Ersin and Rich:

Aram and Ersin expressing how we all felt:

After Rogue and Paul made it to the Bar 10, we needed to get moving as the shadows were starting to get pretty long and Toroweap was still about 50 miles away.

I managed to get a few more pics on the way there:

You can see the dust clouds below for the guys behind me.

After we arrived, set up camp, and had Jetboil dinners, it was time to hike over to the overlook and play with the camera in the moonlight.

Aram, Ersin, Ruger:

5 minute exposure at Toroweap:

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