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joel's day 1 rr

i was uncertain whether ride the bike or truck it from home.

excuse #1, it was raining that morning at my place
excuse #2, mesquite nv is 350 miles away, and i don't want to put fresh tires on the bike
excuse #3, there was a strong sandstorm along hw15 that friday morning
excuse #4, and just getting better, i've learned that on the last day of the trip, i have to put 500 miles to get home with daytime temp forecas of 100F.....

ok, we truck. here i pick up frank at his house @ 8am; you gotta love those LC4s. these bikes on the pic are our 2nd LC4s

the rain was on and off that friday morning

the haze you see is actually the sandstorm

by the time we got to barstow @ 12:30, the PPs were already gone, you got to try the gyro....

we finally caught up with the PPs somwhere between vegas and mesquite

no doubt, they are the PPs

saw more interesting dirt riders who prefer their drinks straight from the fridge
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