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Hi Peekay

very nice report , and adventure
I am very very glad that you have just got a little scared and nothing else !
in reality things could have gone must worst .

I would like to add just a comment on why things went "wrong"
basicly because you had within your self all the assurance of a rescue
it could seem a contradiction , but if we restart all over again :
no satt. phone .
no GPS !
no one to call in case of....., no rescue , you are only on your own forces .
well I bet you would have started that route much more carefully and prepared .

tyre pressure on a bike is not a great issue on sand , you can gain a little , but on rocks you will have high risks .
the eccess weight was the major problem
from what I saw on your bike , there was much too much stuff that was pulling you into the sand .
with that weight , you are forced to run very fast on track , or sink with an uncontrollable front wheel .
which is not easy at all .
off road driving skills are also very important , they can help a lot in avoiding to fall .

I am sure this small accident will give you much more of what it has taken .

good luck Ago
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