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Originally Posted by motoged View Post
I have watched your of you guys spels neerly as gud as's MEsqite....

Yeah, big bikes in some of that stuff =

There is so much to ride in that area, other RR's make me think, "I gotta do that again..."
Haha...hey - leave 'im alone. He warned upfront stuff will get mispelled.

I was completely mesmerized by Kaibab Plateau and the forest. Reminded my of the Sierras, but less people and more roads. Riding out to Sublime Point was absolutely killer. Me want more of that.

BTW, I had plans to come to the PNW early August, bring the bikes, and ride up Vancouver Island, catch the ferry at Port Hardy to Prince Rupert, see Hyder and Stewart, then explore BC Interior. Not sure if it's gonna gel now, wifey has been out of work for so long. That's supposed to change now so maybe we can still do it. Otherwise there's always next year.

My Dad is from Regina, I was born in Vancouver. Grandpa is from Scotland. My Grandma lived in Victoria for a number of years, Nanaimo before that. Everyone is gone now.
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