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Inmate "Master Marine" posted earlier that we were enjoying Crosby Canyon and Warm Creek Bay:

Originally Posted by motoged

That was Crosby Canyon you drove down to get to Warm Creek Bay. I fixed lots of houseboats in that bay. It totally confused me to see that picture when you were talking about somewhere hours away. Hopefully you went up and looked off of Alstrom Point at Padre Bay and Navajo Mountain while you were in the area.

Great report so far!

You guys must have really wound around out there to see that truck in the canyon turned bridge, then hit Zion, then Lake Powell. That is the first time I have seen that truck on ADV. I can't remember the name of the canyon. Is it Johnson Canyon? I will have to look when I get home.
MasterMarine )Quote

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************

The evening was warm and the vibes were good. I predicted the chance of rain before morning as the clouds had been dancing around in the afternoon....and, as an old Buffalo Hunter, I had learned how to foresee such things .

And, by simply looking at distant clouds with rain falling out of them, it wasn't really magic . The posse all took their turns doubting my prognostications, but I was steeled to their heartless taunting by this time....

Shit.....Kitty Milking ?!?! Yeah, I knew how to do that, predict weather, and how to tell jokes about know....Buffie the sheep at the brothel.....seems like some of these guys also were aware of the need for stirrups with Buffie.

But that's another story...

So, as I was saying....the evening was warm, the sand and rocks were holding the day's heat, and we were kicking back as the evening introduced some stars. In the midst of my rain comments, guys were looking around for the potential rain clouds when, to the southeast, the sky was lit up by something shooting down out of the atmosphere...

A meteorite? A shooting star? The Space Shuttle? The psychedelics were kicking in??? We were not sure but it was a brief but memorable sight. It sparked conversations about meteors, their potential market value, and stories about other such recollections. As the sun gave up its daytime job for us, we meandered down the slope to a spot where a fire had been previously. It was in a small alcove set into the sandstone wall framing the north side of our beach. Some guys wanted a fire they could see from Ohio, and others realized we were limited to our wood supply....

So, the fire varied according to whoever had the urge...

Bob had carried his version of moonshine along on the ride...and several versions of his concoctions were passed around...

Dave, having enjoyed such an offering, resurfaced his willingness to jump off the cliff nearby into the lake:

"I will do it if you want me to!!!" was his perseverative rant for the next while....We all assured him we wanted him to, but doubted his ability to swim around the point to where he could crawl out of the water...or our willingness to assist him should he jump.

"I will jump if you want me to !!!"

Can you imagine his (gorgeous) mom saying to him as a kid, "If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you do it too just because he did?" ?

I can....and I can imagine his sexy red-headed sister smirking in the background as Mom did her maternal guidance thing....

After a while, Dave headed up the slope.....maybe in the direction of the Acapulco diving platform....or maybe to take a leak....or heave...?? We weren't sure and he didn't respond to our calling out to him.

We hadn't heard a splash or a crash....or the cries of an injured beast...and our concern grew. So we passed the moonshine around, convincing ourselves he was okay.

This was the evening the Chair Conversation turned to my Akido skills:

And I really appreciate you including a picture of me at Night Four....when one of the guys helpfully manoeuvres a small boulder for me to sit on (while you kitties pull out your chairs and plant your cheeks comfortably [except for the triangular ball crusher] ). As my old-dirtbiker knees slowly hydraulic my butt on to the soft contours of the stone, I think I have found its sweet spot, only to find that my downward motion , being assisted by those nefarious gravitational laws, continue and I roll backwards onto the sand.

I don't know if it was the fall that entertained you guys or my akido-like roll that I have perfected over years of crashing on the trails.

Whatever it was, I considered that it was UM#4....: give the old fat guy an asymetrical boulder for a chair and see how a foreigner might manage least for diversional purposes so you wouldn't be the only "old fart" target.

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