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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
I have put in a BoosterPlug and run an AFR gauge during Closed Loop operation--there was no difference and none expected since the O2 controls the fueling to a ratio of 14.7:1. With the O2 sensor disconnected, the mixture was richened 6% as claimed because the device altered the temp sensor signal such that the Motronic measured a temperature 20C colder than actual and richens the mixture accordingly. Most Oilheads are in Closed Loop operation about half the time. I would expect the same results with an Iice Air set at 20C. See post #82 on this page,

I don't know what a dyno run would show, maybe not much since dyno runs are usually made on intertial dynomometer with the throttle wide open for the whole "pull". The Motronic already uses a pretty rich mixture at WOT.

thank you, and yes I agree on the dyno, but if someone knows how to use one for tuning and not just flat out max hp gains/readings, you could see real results, we used dnos for performance tuing , and they can be very useful at various rpm ranges under load and not just to see what the max HP is
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