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Originally Posted by Wal2 View Post
astonishing pictures,,,,,,,astonishing country to ride in.......i'm green with envy...looks like you were having a ball........
on a serious note, when camping or just sleeping in the open.....what do you do about snakes.....
The pics in this thread were taken by various guys on the ride....point and shoot cameras....and the scenery was changing every few miles...

Snakes? I don't like them Rattlesnakes could be found in the areas we were riding, but as it was spring and cool weather, they would be usually moving slowly if we were to come across them.....and we did not see any snakes of any description to my knowledge.

I usually sleep in a tent, so I reduce my worries....some of the guys slept in the open....and they were so stinky that no snake in its right mind would want to take a bite out of them

One night, when I was collecting some kindling for the fire after dark, my headlamp illuminated something curled up that I noticed in my peripheral vision ....and the snake thing was in my I was startled and stepped back quickly....only to recognize the curled up circular mass to be a plop of dried up cowshit..

If anyone would have been bitten by a rattler, we would have either just let them lay there (with a power bar and bottle of water, of course) as we rode on....or, if they were appearing to be in pain or otherwise suffering, we would have just shot him. The problem then would be the fight over his gear....each guy had something desirable in their kit...
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