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Originally Posted by davidb21 View Post
It was running a few months ago so it should still have spark, it definitely has compression.
I dont think it boggs all the time i think its usually after its been run for a while which makes me think it might be rust breaking off and flooding it.

We disconnected the oil pump when he first got it so he just premixes.

How much wd40 should i use in there? and should i kick it a few times after spraying the wd 40 before trying to start it to get the wd 40 spread around?

Thank you
Just spray some in through the spark plug hole, kick it through a couple of times, just to make sure everything is still freed up. You could even drop a bit of pre-mix oil in there. If everything goes smoothly, throw a new plug in, clean the carb, get some premix, and away you go.
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