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Weather, temps

As mentioned, a rather large storm front rolled through central CA and into southern Utah and northern AZ on Friday our departure day, ending by Saturday night by the time we got to Toroweap. The storm warning was wind warnings - sustained winds of 40mph with gusts to 65, red flag warning - fire danger, and a general storm warning for the 3 states.

Apprehension was putting it mildly. It also dropped temperatures 20 deg below normal. So instead of vented gear and a 40deg sleeping bag, we donned regular spring gear, jackets, and 20-30 deg bags. I was glad I brought my warm down sleeping bag and tent, was probably the only one that wasn't cold.

At Navajo lake I washed out a riding shirt thinking I'd wear it the next day, laid it out over the bike hoping it would dry. It was frozen the next morning.

It did make day-time temps rather comfortable though. The ride out to Lee's Ferry got pretty warm, maybe 90deg.
Temps 90-100 the whole trip would have made for a completely different experience.

Toroweap is at about 4000', Indian Hollow on Kaibab Plateau about 6K', and Navajo Lake at just over 9K'. The elevation is what keeps the temps down. For comparison, Mesquite had been right at 100deg.

Nice forest roads going into Indian Hollow Campground where there are just 3 campsites. There were two cars in one site, we took the other two. Very nice place in the forest. These roads don't get much traffic as the grass growing in the center indicates.

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