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06.01 - Moscow – Voronezh
After a short night we start our journey to Voronezh, there is a 2x2 highway all along, in a very good condition. For us it was even a little bit boring but at least we and the sidecars have some rest after all those bad roads. At the arrival to Voronezh there was some go slow due to work going on the road, as usual the emergency lane was full of car but the “Ural lane” (nice embankment) was free so we didn’t lost too much time and we met our friend at the hotel.
06.02 – Voronezh – Rostov
Nothing special to report, two of the HD (Dyna+V-Rod) left first, we one hour after and the others HD + the Suzuki latter.
They catch us, almost 200km after we had left the hotel, few kilometers after they overtaken us there was a gas station, I have look but due to a lot of trucks I didn’t see anybody, Nikolai saw the Dyna and V-Rod checking their hands and he think there was just greeting him so he didn’t stop…
Less than 5 minutes after that we were catched and stopped by the Suzuki guy, he informed us that one of the HD as a problem and we should go back to the gas station. Of course on this part of the highway there is no way to cross to the opposite lane so once again we used the “Ural lane” to join our friends.
There was a mechanical failure on the V-Rod and the initial plan was to let the bike at the gas station and taking with us the owner but they managed to call a truck so we left them and continue our ride to Rostov.
Little “surprise” at our arrival at the hotel, the journal Cosmopolitan was doing a photo session with some recently married girls and some of them request to be taken in pictures on the Harleys and also on the white Ural.
To come back at the gas station, half the way I used this track:

Voronezh at the hotel:


06.03 – Rostov – Novorossiysk
I left the hotel by 7am and was at the central beach by 1pm, Nikolai left by 9am and arrive only by 9pm. Not only I didn’t take the shortest way but he decided to “test” the 2WD in the forest before he stops his ride…
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