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Kristof Granit OP
Joined: Jul 2011
Location: Russia
Oddometer: 346
Nikolai 6700km -- Kristof: 3600km
Gear Up 6700km:
- crack on the side due to the vibration of the search lamp on the bad roads.
- support of the jerrican get broken and the jerrican went away.
- support of the seat to be re-welded.
- one puncture on the hack rear tire.
- one turn signal bulb replaced.
- The bottom bolt of the cylinder protection get broken due to Nikolai “figure”, but hopefully he has done his job and no damage on the cylinder.
Retro 3600km:
- few bolts have to be tied up after the Perm/Kirov section.
- the head lamp went broken in the same section and I use the hight lamp all along, we didn’t drove by night and I even bend the lamp to avoid “disturbing” the oncoming traffic.
Gear Up / Retro
After a few kilometers, especially in the legendary Moscow’s go-slow, the Retro get warmer than the Gear Up. But for both, it can be considered as extreme conditions to be avoided, as it is really not the best place for the Ural.
To have a rough idea of the handling of the Gear up / Retro, from my point of view it’s like a Jeep / Volvo estate. For long distance I am a little too tall for the Retro and after 300km I get my knees tired, never happened on the Gear Up.
On the bad roads, of course I prefer the handling of the Gear Up and for the highways and good secondary roads the Retro is sweet. But in any situations they have both done it well.
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