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Here is my only problem with this, they are spendy, unless you got a screaming deal.
Not a bad idea as an upgrade option I guess.. but typically these cost more than my suit did from you.

I probably wouldn't buy one for the price differance.
Just because you offer such good quality and very competitive prices.
I know several people have asked about them in other threads.

It appears to integrate with the navigator and I would assume power shell very well, but I am a mojave person and this would effect my suit more than it would benefit me 99% of the time.

I do appreciate you looking into it, and who knows maybe you did get a screaming deal, but for my money the SAS-TEC upgrade is a way more practical upgrade for the general populous over this system.

Take it how you well, you know I am a HUGE supporter of Teiz and your customer service, this is just my opinion.

I guess I should address your questions directly:

A.) I am interested but not on my Mojave suit, perhaps on a Power Shell or Navigator
B.) For me... probably about $200 honestly at most - yes it's worth more in the event you need it
C.) I don't have a good alternate solution - I would prefer armor but it wouldn't breathe very well.
D.) You make great gear!!!!
E.) 1. A pocket on the inside of the Mojave for music, phone, etc. Still looking for an alternate way to add one :) 2. Option to add a guide or holder for a drink tube so I could just slap it in the back pocket, I know some of your old versions of suits had this, make it an upgrade option since you custom make most suits. 3. Add a pocket on the left sleeve as well.. I use my right one for my kickstand puck and my key everytime I ride.

But in no way do I not love my suit.... best money I ever spent on gear!
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