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Hello Everyone, I am new to this ADVrider page. I found it while I was google'n this KTM 350. I wanted to hear other opinions on this bike. Last March I picked up a '12 350 EXC. The bike I retired was a 2002 WR250f. Over all I LOVE this new bike. The braking front and rear is amazing, the instant throttle, the delivery of the power , the clutch (frig'n AWESOME) , just over all it was a well put together bike. I now have 750 miles on this machine. Although it is street legal only about 30 of those miles were on the road. Everything else has been single or double track trails in the woods and 70miles for the Desert 100 in Odesa Washington. My biggest complaint is the suspension. Im hoping to hear some thoughts on this to help me out because its been an on going battle for me. The very first thing I did to this bike was change the gearing to a 14/50. After that I learned the gearing was perfect but I fumble around ALOT on the trails. I tinkered with the HighSpeed, compression , rebound, set the static sag....Pretty much entroduced myself to every click that this bike has to offer and still didnt get much luck. What I was looking for was the PERFECT set up which I had on my WR. So I then took the bike to DEVOL suspension which is the same company who turned me into what I believe is a Ninja on the trails after they dialed in my WR. After taking it for the first spin from the shop I still hated it...worse than stock at this point. They installed stiffer springs, just one notch up on both front and back and im all over the place on the trails. So I took it back, had them tinker with it more...Still no luck....Today I took it back again and Im hoping for the best. I can set it all up to feel pretty comfortable on the trails but holy F##K god forbid if I have to go through a section of whoops. Every time I hit these bumps that I had once had mastered on a blue bike I either fall behind my friends by 5 or 10 seconds or I crash. If I change the adjustments a little bit I can fly through these whoops but Im very washy in the front on the rest of the trails. I weigh 180 lbs and 200lbs with my pack and riding gear. Maybe I should try another Suspension shop? Not sure at this point but now that im 700 miles in to being insecure on this machine Im almost wondering if I should cut the loss and revisit Team Blue. Back on the WR not only was every turn sexy but I was able to HAUL ass which is what I like. Since I have gotten the bike I have also put on the Scotts dampner and Flex Bars. These didnt help any matters as far as the suspension goes but are both a well spent investment that I will enjoy once I figure out this suspension problem. Any thoughts?????
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