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Bob was towing Kevin....over dozens of miles of varied roads....they were doing a great job and their spirits were better than mine would have been in such circumstances . These guys can roll with the punches

We decided on a spot north of the picturesque was backed by some slickrock cliffs, flat sandy areas for the tent, and it seemed like another primo find for the tents and a fire...folks had camped there before and it seemed to not too far off the beaten track...

I found a spot for my tent in front of the handy alcove shelves:

While the others weren't so picky:

Most of the guys were scrambling on the sandstone slickrock behind the campsite...

"I'll jump if you want me to!!!", said Dr. Dave:

Bob was doing a plant study (in a previous life he was a conservation officer...)...


What I thought was Indian Paint Brush:

Some kind of grass:

The "grass" looks more like some kind of Yucca now that I see the flower:

Shrubs ( ):

Cacti....with a blush of pink:

I dunno:

The material used for stock KTM 690 seat:

I was off gathering firewood...scrounging dead branches...

I used my belt to bundle my collection:

...and missed the surprises on the slickrock:

The guys were stoked....walking in the footprints of dinosaurs.... ...

Dr. Dave being a dinosaur:!i=1853333479&k=2DhFCDB&lb=1&s=A

And as the guys returned to camp from their time traveling with big lizards, they found some firewood....

And then found a tree trunk that four of them could barely lift to drop over the edge near the firepit (I think that's Bobby waving "Hello"....a nice guy always wanting to acknowledge others ):

This thing easily weighed a couple of hundred pounds as it was incredibly dense wood. We did NOT burn it, as Bobby recognized it as a functional piece of natural art.

I finally had THE camp chair SUPREME....

Random pics of that place....

Dr. Dave finally having his 15 seconds of fame:!i=1853338978&k=3s5rvP9&lb=1&s=A

The evening was settling in. We had firewood, Everclear, herbal remedies (for sore muscles, eh!), and Power Bars.

What else could some cowboys on the range want?

Especially a Great Chair...

Ged Schwartz
Kamloops , BC

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