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GSD4ME I should be able to give you some Lynx feedback real soon ;-)

Boxa'bits basically the alternator fitted fine but the rotor that came with the ignition kit was not a good fit and when bolted in place it rotated elliptically. The rotor itself is fine as in circular not elliptical, but because it is slightly too narrow in diameter at the insert, it gets pulled slightly off centre when bolted up causing an elliptical rotation that brought the rotor arm into contact with the hall effect sensor.

I'll try a couple of photos this one shows the rotor in the alternator.

Here is one of the rotor out of the alternator

The screw driver is pointing to the section of the rotor where the diameter has been machined a bit too far.

We decided that rather than trying to machine a new rotor we would try and move the hall sensor (not shown above) a bit further back from the rotor. This involved machining the bolt holes slightly so that it could be pulled back and then the bolts locked down to hold it there. This worked and the magnetic sweep arm now clears the hall effect sensor.

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